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Christian Saja
35 photos23 reviewsOct 1, 2017
Definitely Overpriced
Hmm.. Not that it tasted bad.. But if I am coming for the 'food experience' and tag a price onto it, it would be a max IDR 90 k, instead I paid IDR 180 k for it.
in InstagramNov 27, 2017
Literally brunch done right. Lovin' the food here.😋 #ivyslife #stalijakarta
Alexander Khang
3 photos2 reviewsApr 16, 2017
The coffee is very good, and they have cool playlist.
In short, this place gives a complex feelings in taste and ambience. Came here around 3PM on Sunday and the place is crowded. Despite the open space interiors and 6 ceiling fans, it's kind of hot in there so I suggest to sit outside or come here around evening time. Because I'm a coffee reviewer, I ordered their famous Sterling espresso, Orthodox cappuccino, and a cup of Ethiopia Areka brewed in Kalita. The Sterling espresso is very nice, a very bright taste with heavy fruity notes and subtle floral notes, gives me sort of a kick to the brain. I heavily recommend this if you came here. As for the Orthodox cappuccino, nothing surprising but it's not too bad also. For coffee lovers I suggest you add an extra shot of espresso in there. As the menu says it has cocoa and brown sugar notes with nutty after taste. Last but not least, the manual brewed Ethiopian Areka using Kalita Wave. It's good but could be better, like usual Ethiopian beans; it's fruity, floral, and with a hint of chocolate. I don't know why most coffee shop in Jakara uses Kalita, personally I think the V60 would be a better choice as it gives you a richer taste notes from the beans. Now for the interiors, it's very comfortable with a lot of seating choice, you can come in small or big groups. The place is pretty neat and clean, the musics is nice to notice (no pop songs here, thank God). But then again, the place is kind of hot at the time around midday, so come here in the morning for a fresh feelings or come here at evening for a chill ambience. As for the service, feels like the crews are too busy to be bothered. Probably because it's crowded in here. But the one who served me is kind enough to give some explanation. I suggest you talk to the baristas for the coffee related menu, as for the other they are clueless.
in InstagramJul 24, 2017
Nashville Hot Chicken @stali_jkt 😜😘 #jktfoodbang
Steven Kim
246 photos100 reviewsMar 22, 2017
Been wanting a place for beer outside of the normal Bintang and finally found it!:) love bintang but a good IPA is always missed. To top that off, the Nashville hot chicken basket is to die for. Season is strong, just enough spicey. This is a solid lunch, dinner or drink food. Ambience is nice and well located in setiabudi one. Highly recommended!
+ 1
in InstagramFeb 24, 2017
Crispy Potato Hash, Mushroom & Truffle Vinaigrette @stali_jkt 😋😘 Shared By: @letsnomnom #jktfoodbang #kuliner #jakarta #instafood #jktculinary #foodlovers #foodie #foodies #tasty #instagood #vscofood #foodnetwork #jakartaculinary #foodpics #pictureoftheday #nomnom
Muhammad Bagus Oka
8 photos12 reviewsMar 9, 2017
A Piece of Melbourne
Despite the title, I've never been to Melbourne. Many people said it, so I am as curious as I can be decided to have my evening coffee there. I went there at Saturday 7.30pm. It's not crowded, just 3 groups of customers enjoying their coffee. Maybe because it's weekend and people working there is taking days off. I order an espresso and a cappuccino for my wife. They have 2 blends suitable specifically for black and white coffee (Sterling and Orthodox blend) .The espresso is balanced and bright, I really like it. The cappuccino is sweet and fluffy made my wife screams for more. But the letdown is the service is sub par. No smile, no greeting, even the waiter's face is like I owed him money. Oh well. Overall it's a great place to have a coffee. Pricey (40k for espresso and 45k for cappuccino) but worth it. Maybe some improvement for the service?
in InstagramDec 11, 2016
It's Daddy 2.0!! Ham hock and seeded mustard terrine, poached eggs hollandaise sauce on milk bun!! Enjoy this gorgeous menu st @stali_jkt for their #springsummer16 menu! You know they have the best breakfast and brunch menu in town so let's go there and try this! Taken By @deransydinar #jktfoodbang #brunch #Instafood #f52grams #foodstagram #foodporn #food #foodgasm #foodies #tasty #vscofood #buzzfeedfood #eeeeeats #streetfood #feedfeed #buzzfeast #indonesia #Jakarta #foodstagram #Video #Buzzfeed #instagram #instagood
Larasaty Anggittya
97 photos107 reviewsMar 4, 2017
Akhirnya cobain St. Ali, daridulu udah penasaran banget dan pingin kemari tapi suka lupa/skip. Beberapa kali denger opini kalo kopi di sini pahit/nggak enak. Ya kalo orang penasaran tetep ajah sih pingin cobain. Pesen cappuccino, menurutku ini ENAK! nggak pahit juga bahkan. Next time bakal kesini lagi lah pasti 😊 Interiornya suka deh, clean gitu. Ruangannya terbuka semua tapi kalo mau ngerokok ya harus di luar sih sepertinya. Pelayanannya kalo dibilang ramah sih nggak juga, std lah.
in InstagramOct 15, 2016
Daddy 2.0 @stali_jkt (Ham Hock Terrine, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise on a milk Bun) Coming Soon! 😍👌 Shared By: @glosusindra #jktfoodbang

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