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Located in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Giyanti Coffee Roastery serves the most authentic espresso based drinks. They also serves cookies and the best home made apple pie in Jakarta. Not to forget about the ambience that feels so homey that makes this coffee shop such a cool place to hang out with friends and loved ones.
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Reviews of Giyanti Coffee Roastery

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Risde W
0 photos19 reviewsSep 7, 2017
Giyanti Coffee Roastery
in InstagramAug 6, 2017
Morning, good people! [If you have time, read this] --- Being quite an over-thinker, I always need an alone time, seeking for one moment of finding myself in the messy crowd of my own mind. --- My blogging part of life can sometimes be quite exhausting. It certainly seems all fun & nothing serious, but that's when people are mistaken. --- Despite having tons of amazing things, I learn that life doesn't always present itself the way you want it to. Every community has its own problems, & every aspect of one's life has its own obstacles. --- Having gone thru this part of my life for years, I've learned quite a few things that I want to share, as a reminder to myself, to all people that have & are going to go thru this. ~ Don't force things to work out. Instead, have faith in yourself and be persistent. If you go thru hardship & are tempted to go thru the "easy" way, remember your very first vision when starting this path. ~ Be kind, be accepting, embrace new people. People have their own problems in life, their stress and their perspective in life. ~ Don't judge and punish. Not judging is totally hard to do. It's some kind of a nature for us, humans. Without us knowing, we have a tendency to judge every single thing in life. And that's (surprisingly) normal. Why? Because humans have the thoughts of what's right and what's not. Humans have the gift of thinking and blessed with logic to walk through the uncharted, scary and unpredictable life. With what we thought we know for sure, we rarely escape judging things, people. I see dirty corner of a restaurant, I judge. I see plain food, I judge. I see unfriendly faces, I judge. We do that, it's fine. But, what we can do is not making those judgmental assumptions as the final verdict for those people, those situations. Because it's never fair to see things just the way you want it! It's not fair to play judge, as if you're a saint. Be accepting, be tolerant, & be open-minded. --- And lastly, it's very important that we don't become arrogant. Don't let good things make you worse. Be humble! Food-bloggers are not the Justice Bao of FnB industry. [continue at the comment section..]
Teddy Selig Jordanius
510 photos238 reviewsJun 9, 2017
Coffee shop yang satu ini punya tempat yang sangat nyaman dan dengan banyak tempat bagus buat spot foto a.k.a instagramable. Dengan membawa nuansa Bali, dari depan aja udah kerasa banget dengan dekorasi seperti patung Barong dan jalanan sempit dengan ukiran khas Bali. Coffee shop ini terdiri dari 3 section. 2 indoor buat non-smoking dan 1 outdoor buat smoking area. Beberapa menu yang kt order di sini: * Piccolo (Rp 43k), * Ice Mocca Melt (Rp 48k), * Affogato (Rp 54k), * Carrot Cake (Rp 46k). Untuk kopi-nya di sini bisa ada beberapa pilihan beans dan intesity-nya. Ak pilih Blue Batak dengan level strong. Ak paling suka ama Piccolo-nya. Taste coffe-nya bold banget, tapi have low acidity dengan taste dark chocolate. Very very recommended. Sedangkan yang ak kurang suka di sini Ice Mocca Melt-nya. Walaupun menggunakan coffee beans yang sama, rasa coffe-nya kurang berasa. Bahkan sangat-sangat watery. Di sini ak juga agak kecewa dengan pelayanannya. Mengingat harga yang cukup premium, seharusnya ada pelayanan agar memberikan experience terbaik buat para konsumennya. Saat kt complain bahwa kualitas Ice Mocca Melt-nya kurang enak, barista dan waiternya malah berkelit bahwa itu gara-gara ice yang sudah mencair, bukannya berusaha mengganti minuman tersebut agar customer bisa lebih terpuaskan. Ak berharap ke depannya Giyanti bisa memperbaiki pelayanannya ini. Overall its still a great cafe with great coffee but lack of service to customer.
Kevin Saputra
21 photos93 reviewsApr 4, 2017
kopinya enak dan tempatnya hits, tapi jadi terlalu ramai shg kurang nyaman
steveano pangaribuan igor
29 photos21 reviewsMar 30, 2017
Coffee shop paling sombong si menteng
Buka nya cm selasa smp sabtu jam 9 smp jam 18.00... Instagarmable, more space after renovasi dan taste kopi nya luar biasa.... parkiran nya sedikit susah...
Philip Olivari
43 photos19 reviewsMar 4, 2017
Good coffe.. instragrammable ambient..
Like always.. trying to have latte.. This time ice latte.. well.. they have strong taste of coffe with a little sense of dark chocolate..
Ody Kidos
456 photos126 reviewsMar 1, 2017
New Concept!
Wah sudah sekitar 10 bulan yang lalu datang ke tempat ini, ternyata udah banyak perubahan disisi interiornya. Yang udah pernah kesini, biarkan foto yang berbicara. Beda banget!
+ 4
Aditiano 1401
1 photos5 reviewsJan 27, 2017
A totally different coffee experience
I must say, this place gotta be one of the most off-beat yet cool coffee place in Jakarta. I've been to one too many coffee places in Jakarta and they all just look the same, serving the same drinks, pastries. My first time yesterday and from the front it didn't look much, almost like a speakeasy. Once you walk into the back (and main area), just WOW. a revamped and renovated old menteng house with just weird ornaments that works well with each other. Staff was great, coffee was alright. My highlight is the pastries, they are f**kin awesome. The carrot cake and/or apple pie are to die for. the playlist is huge plus for me, I mean, who doesn't like 90's and early 2000's rock music? a genre no other coffee place I know play.
Michael William
0 photos5 reviewsJan 25, 2017
must visit
It's a great place to having a sip of coffee with friends. They have an outdoor and indoor seating. They have a good coffee and a good place. It's one of must visit coffee place in town.
wit.ny t
0 photos13 reviewsFeb 25, 2016
for coffee lover, only?
so my friends who happen to love coffee love this place. its a simple coffee place but for me (not a coffee lover), it is just okay. what best is the place. its cozy to chat, to read or doing your assignment.

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