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Suites@Seven Residence, Jl. Karet Pedurenan Gang H. Sidik No. 7 Show Map >
021 57851751
Opening Hours
Tue - Fri 08:00 - 20:00 , Sat - Sun 09:00 - 21:00
Located within a private residence, Suites at 7, Fillmore is a snug space converted from a fraction of the compound’s parking space. Drawing influence from San Francisco, the name is derived from a neighbourhood in the city that is abundant with the presence of coffeehouses. Over the counter, it’s very likely that one would regularly encounter the owners, Randy Aliwarga and Astria Chandra, during their visits. Randy mans the coffee machine using beans from local roastery, Curious People, while Astria takes charge of tea as well as bites in the forms of pastry and smoothie bowl. Coffee aficionados would immediately find comfort in Gibraltar, an espresso cut with small amount of warm milk that also originated from San Francisco. Those who aren’t used to the bitterness of coffee would do well to opt for the joint’s Honey Latte. The latter is a great entry point for amateur coffee drinkers or simply when you’re feeling under the weather. There’s also rooftop on the second floor for a healthy dose of air to go with your coffee or, if not, just simply hide by the counter with a good read. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Suites at 7 and its surroundings are mostly occupied by expats from tech companies and startups, which makes Fillmore an ideal spot for those who feel more at ease geeking out in a spot that’s hidden and secluded. Still, given the cosiness that it exudes, it’s hardly that Fillmore would stay hidden for long.
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Reviews of Fillmore Coffee

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Immanuel Ambhara
27 photos31 reviewsJun 29, 2017
A cute, small hidden place
Found out about this place from a Qraved journal, got interested in visiting thanks to the pretty photos. Surprised to find that it's located at a front yard of a condominium, hidden on a very small road quite a distance from the crowded area. The place is really small, but it has two storeys. The second storey is like an attic where smoking is allowed. The ambiance downstairs is very good, with good decorations, good music, and friendly staff. However, I was surprised while paying for my V60 filter coffee that it costed 110k. Compare that to an expensive coffee shop at PIK selling their V60 at 65k. The rest of the coffee seems to have normal price though.
Larasaty Anggittya
97 photos107 reviewsApr 24, 2017
Udah lama banget nggak ke sini, beruntungnya lagi nggak terlalu rame jadi feeling like home nya lebih berasa hehe... pluuss playlist lagunya yg oke jadi makin mendukung suasana homeynya. Kopinya enak, latte artnya juga makin cakep.
in InstagramJan 11, 2018
Best banana cake in town ❤️
Kevin Saputra
21 photos93 reviewsApr 4, 2017
salah satu cafe terbaik di jakarta, kopinya enak, harganya standar, interiornya simpel dan ambiencenya bikin nyaman, servicenya oke, parkirnya luas
in InstagramJan 10, 2018
Hari ini Tante ketemu sama teman-teman gila Tante. Dari ngobrol ngalor-ngidul, serius, lawakan, semua diomongin. Okay, lupakan masalah pertemuan Tante dengan teman-teman, kita balik lagi ke cerita kopi sore ini. Tante sore ini ngopi di @fillmorecoffeejkt . Kenapa menjadi pilihan, pertama kopinya enak, tempatnya sudah sangat jelas, juga sangat nyaman. Klo mau yang dingin dan ber-AC, kalian bisa memilih di lantai 1, kalau mau merokok atau dapet view sore yang ada langit romantisnya, kalian bisa di lantai 2. Kopi shop ini tutupnya cepet, yaitu jam 8 malam untuk bawah, setengah 11 di atas, tapi last order tetep ikut lantai bawah ya. Harga minuman dan makanan ngga sampai 50k (mereka menjual healthy food) kopi mereka Tante suka sih, dari latte yang kombinasi rasanya cukup baik, affogato yang pake es cream alpukat, itu enak banget. Kopi manualnya cukup bisa diterima oleh lidah Tante yang suka kopi dengan rasa buah, manis tapi masih ada pahitnya. Intinya dari tempat dan rasa, tempat ini layak buat nongki cantik, instagramable, atau bahkan dijadikan langganan #ngopijakarta #ngopienak #latteart #cappuccino #v60 #affogato
Foodietrooper Nathalia
90 photos42 reviewsNov 27, 2016
Cornellia Widiastuti
4 photos12 reviewsSep 19, 2016
Not a big fan of Latin American coffee but the ambience makes the whole thing up. Good price, great snacks (croissants etc). I dislike the location though.
in InstagramJan 7, 2018

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