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021 27455488
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Mon - Sun 08:00 - 20:00 , undefined
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Reviews of Djule Kofi

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Wibowo Edi
13 photos9 reviewsMar 12, 2017
Great coffee!
This place has a really good coffee! Nice place for short escape from office in the afternoon without missing email as wifi is quite fast.
in InstagramMar 10, 2017
Cuacanya galau berbanding lurus dengan kondisi hati. Ya daripada galau-galau, mending nyari makanan yang enak dan menyenangkan hati, Smoked Beef Crostini, baru nih di @djule.kofi, sikasik! #eatpostrepeat #teloer #wtfoodies
Denny Nugraha
5 photos34 reviewsDec 26, 2016
ngopi lah
tempatnya asik buat nongkrong sambil ngopi ngopi
Ody Kidos
456 photos126 reviewsDec 18, 2016
Another Coffee Shop in Melawai area
The 1st choice to enjoy my weekend is coffee shop. I know it well. And I accidentally found another cozy place here. The ambience was absolutely fine but they need additional menus so we can choose another one. Love the interior too!!
in InstagramApr 18, 2016
Nice Place, Nice Coffee at @djule.kofi 😀😋 Taken By: @mrvahn #jktfoodbang
jakarta bites
0 photos1 reviewsJun 26, 2016
My experience at Djule Kofi
I would say that overall I had a pleasant experience at Djule Kofi. I checked it out because of all the hype it was getting on instagram. The coffee was good though. Read my full length write up at http://www.jakartabites.com
in InstagramMar 29, 2016
It's gonna be a good day, isn't it? Have yourself a cup of white and chocolate pie from @djule.kofi for a better day! P.s: their Tanzania and Brazilian beans are perfect choice! 😉👌🏻 #eatandcapture #mytablefoods #djulekofi #djulewarriors #anakkopi #masfotokopi #manmakecoffee
Daniel Effendi
0 photos1 reviewsApr 10, 2016
Nice place Nice hospitality
good coffee and love the place , we love the hospitality and good vibe too in here , surely will visit this place again n again
in InstagramMar 25, 2016
Coffee time @djule.kofi : love the ethiopia qorema brewed with aeropress 55K+ . . #jenzcorner #jenzcoffee

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