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Reviews of Coffee With Me

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Nona TukangMakan
170 photos55 reviewsAug 6, 2016
The Regal Cake Was So Fluffy!
Crush Level: Food (3/5), Service (3.5/5), Ambience (4.5/5) Date of Visit: 03/08/2016 This little café had gathered quite an attention from public due to its Instagenic interior. Hence, I’m not surprised to see a lot OOTD pictures being taken at Coffee With Me. I went to visit the trendy place with @so.felicious, and we were happy to grab a table near the window, as we believed the sun would help us take mouthwatering foodgasm pictures. As I can’t drink coffee (Thanks to my weak stomach T.T), I opted for the Green Tea Latte. It wasn’t on the menu, but I tried my luck, and they said they have it. Just a sip of the warm drink and I instantly regretted my decision to order it. There wasn’t any hint of green tea apart from the colour itself. It was too milky, and it wasn’t a nice flavour of milk either. I didn’t even think about finishing it. Other than the Green Tea Latte, I also tried the Regal Cake. The crumbly cake was much better than the drink. It was a sweet mess of goodness. The cake was impressively fluffy and flavoured with rich biscuit taste and appropriate sweetness. Each bite of it was so smooth that it flew me to cloud nine. If it weren't for the regal cake, I would give it a 2 out of 5 as its overall food score. I might come back to the cafe, but only for the ambience (plus the WIFI) and the heavenly regal cake. Honestly, the green tea latte was a big let down. *Nona Tukang Makan was not invited or paid by any individual or business to write this review. The opinion stated is strictly hers.
in InstagramJan 7, 2018
Refreshing Time with a cup of coffee. ☕️
Erika Karmelia
34 photos11 reviewsJun 28, 2016
Coffee with Me PIK
Dari pertama dateng, udah rame banget. Jadi kt lgsng aj ke counter, pesan makanan dan minuman. Lalu langsung cari tmpt duduk. Untung ny hr itu dpt duduk yg dkt jendela. Jadi cahayanya cukup naturan. Menu yg di order : - Overnight Oats Mnrt aku si ini healthy bgt. Cocok buat d pair ama coffee juga. Isinya ad strawberry, pisang, raisins, dsb. -Latte Latte art ny simple. Rasa kopi ny jg pas. Cmn sedikit pahit. Jadi aku tambahin gula deh. - Blossom Tea Rasanya biasa aj. Kyk teh biasa. Light di awal, pekat di akhir. Tapi okelah kalau mau pesan. Saran aj, gelas yg dipake buat teh kekecilan.
in InstagramDec 31, 2017
Angelia Pernama
2 photos5 reviewsJun 8, 2016
so far.. coffee nya menurut aku biasa aja.. tempat baru jd penasaran utk di coba deh..
in InstagramDec 11, 2017
Afternoon coffee
in InstagramDec 5, 2017
Bf dulu ya ...☕☕☕
in InstagramOct 22, 2017
in InstagramFeb 12, 2017
Life is like a sandwich, the more you add to it, the better it become Chicken sandwich from @coffeewithmejkt #doyanngunyah

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