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About 1 15 coffee gandaria

One Fifteenth Coffee aims to bring the community the best possible coffee experience.   We are firm believer that craft arises from repetition of a known skill-set.  To us, coffee-making is a daily ritual that is continually refined.  The consistency of a quality cup stems from time-tested methods of extraction aimed at releasing the most from the coffee bean.  Our name is embedded in one of the simplest of these methods. 1:15 is a well-known coffee-to-water ratio that yields an ideal cup.    Our focus is to source quality beans and to respect and showcase the specific characteristics that set each batch apart.  We endeavor to continue a rich local tradition of finely crafted brews made with the utmost care and conviction.   - One Fifteenth Coffee
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ラテを飲むと毎日飲みたくなるのはなんでだろう。 . 長男、1週間お休みにしてたけど今日からまたスプリングスクールに。 . ここんとこ毎日ものすごい回数「今日は幼稚園?幼稚園行きたくない」と言う... . とにかく執念深いしつこい性格なので聞いてるだけでグッタリ。 . 理由は言わないし、どうしたもんか。 . #coffee #raté #cafe#jakarta#mondaymorning #kaito育児日記#コーヒー#ラテ#育児#長男#3歳8ヶ月 #3歳児
Tempat Ngopi Dengan Menu Non Coffee Enak #QravedThis.Mesen 3 menu non coffee dari 1/15 Coffee dan ternyata enak banget! Karena ngga begitu suka dengan green tea, di sini Green Tea Lattenya ngga kerasa banget jadi suka. Buat yang suka dark chocolate, di sini Ice Chocolatenya pake dark chocolate jadi yummy. Dan yang terakhir Banana Smoothiesnya juga seger banget! Tempatnya enak banget dan bagus buat foto-foto
Shanna Murady
Shanna Murady
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Great coffee and breakfast.Sekarang banyak banget cafe yg nawarin menu all day breakfast arau brunch tapi cuma beberapa yang bener-bener punya menu enak. Di 1/15 gue suka banget sama eggs ben yg telurnya pas banget agak runny gitu, sauteed wild mushroom dan pancake yg fluffy. Must go here if you have time over the weekend!
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When in the mood... #latte #latteart
Salika Pratama.I love the atmosphere of this cafe, we were welcome by the warm n home-feels place. the best menu are the egg Benedict and its banana cake
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어젯밤부터 마시고 싶었던 커피 한 잔. 그리고 아껴 읽고 있는 책 한 권. 조용한 아침.
Another best coffee shop in town.The best cappucino ever, good place, and delicious food. Excellent !!!
Kopinya enak, tempatnya nyaman buat sekedar nongkrong ataupun kerjain tugas. Great coffee, great ambiance laaahh
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