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Unique Foods to Try

Jakarta is known for its variety of unique foods to try. Somehow, unique cuisines always pops up each month, leaving food enthusiasts wanting for more. From sweets to savories, chefs and food creators around Jakarta have been competing to serve unique foods that are considered as must-try in Jakarta area.

Be it sold on restaurants or at street sides, these unique foods in Jakarta is definitely a must try for you who are adventurous, and willing to try the exciting dishes Jakarta has to offer. Don't forget to snap the food and upload them to your social media, Qravians!

Restaurants Selection

1. Viverri Coffeejakarta
8 Reviews
2. Asagao Coffee Housejakarta
312 Reviews
3. Doppio Coffee Jakartajakarta
2 Reviews
4. Warung Wakakajakarta
61 Reviews
5. Bakso Mas Kumisjakarta
12 Reviews
6. Por Que Nojakarta
54 Reviews
7. Toby's Estatejakarta
19 Reviews
8. Cassis Kitchenjakarta
92 Reviews
9. Attarine Jakartajakarta
70 Reviews
10. SKYE Bar & Restaurantjakarta
80 Reviews
11. OTW Food Streetjakarta
52 Reviews
12. Drinks By Food Fightersjakarta
18 Reviews
13. Ojjujakarta
74 Reviews